You can now find them everywhere and it's almost impossible to imagine many households without them - self-adhesive accessories for the kitchen and bathroom.
But do they keep what they promise?

We'll keep it short: Yes, they do what they promise if you pay attention to a few points:

Buy high quality products

When buying bathroom accessories without drilling, you should always pay attention to the quality of the supplier and it is better not to save money at the wrong end, because unfortunately glue is not always the same.
In general, a distinction must be made between two different types of mounting for self-adhesive products: those that are mounted using adhesive strips and others that use a liquid mounting adhesive to attach them . Liquid adhesive can usually carry larger loads, but is also much harder to remove.
The better option for really smooth surfaces is the adhesive strip. It is available in all different shapes, colors and thicknesses, but above all for a wide variety of surfaces.
If your surface is not completely smooth or you are gluing over uneven joints, then a liquid adhesive is the safe choice for you.

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Clean surface properly

Whether it's a soap dispenser, a towel holder or an adhesive hook rack, to ensure that your bathroom and kitchen accessories stay firmly on the wall, you should clean the surface correctly beforehand.
We don't mean that you should just be thorough - that goes without saying. What's more important here is to use the right cleaner.
Many household cleaners don't just clean, they also reduce the adhesion of the cleaned surface so that new dirt doesn't stick as quickly. Sounds good at first, but this is a major disadvantage for self-adhesive tape. Your products may hold up for now, but in the long run you run the risk of your self-adhesive bathroom and kitchen products falling off.
Therefore, you should definitely and only use an ethanol-based cleaner (alcohol cleaner). The surface is then grease-free and ideal for gluing!

Self-adhesive products from Designfabrik Hamburg

Assemble carefully

You can also make mistakes when assembling your adhesive item. First of all, you should think carefully about where you want to place your new favorites. Once the adhesive has touched the surface, no correction is possible. Removing the adhesive again damages it to such an extent that the holding force may no longer be sufficient. In this case, the only thing that can help is a new adhesive tape.

The following applies: Find a flat surface that ideally does not extend over joints. If you have to glue over joints, be careful to ensure that there is no misalignment . Even a small offset can result in only a fraction of the adhesive surface actually touching the wall.

The pressure you apply to the adhesive during assembly is at least as important. Adhesive tapes are usually activated by pressure, so it is important that you press your item against the wall with high intensity for at least 10 seconds when installing. It is particularly important that you do not work too selectively. The upper edges of a self-adhesive accessory in particular should be pressed firmly.

After assembly, you should wait at least 24 hours - more likely 48 hours - with the adhesive tape and liquid adhesive before putting any load on the detergent dispenser, towel rail or kitchen utensil holder. This way you give the glue time to harden and enjoy your jewelry for a long time.

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