Our still young company history finds its origins in 2020, a time characterized by Corona and strict lockdown measures. Struck by home office and the resulting long hours in our own four walls, we decided to take the step into self-employment and develop accessories for our own home that were not only practical , but also fashionable , timeless and high-quality - but above all also affordable . So we started collecting ideas and created our first designs using a CAD program.

Discover self-adhesive products from Designfabrik Hamburg


Having lived in a tenancy ourselves, we were of course familiar with the problem of not being able to drill holes in walls at will, so we quickly realized that our first product, the hook rail , should not require drilling.

After a lot of positive feedback, our product portfolio quickly expanded to include our self-adhesive towel holder - and, very freshly, our soap dispenser with wall mount .

Self-adhesive products from Designfabrik Hamburg


You don't need a lot of bells and whistles to make a product functional and elegant. Our home accessories fit unobtrusively into any room and impress with their high stability and workmanship .

Designfabrik Hamburg soap dispenser

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